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CALEB Diller.

- Production Assistant 
- Performer
- Digital Media Designer

01 what do I OFFER?

Get to know me and the things that I Offer!

Drive web traffic to one beautiful hub!

- Intuitive Interface
- Gorgeous Design
- Made for Mobile
- Be Seen on Google


Digital Development

Image by Sergey Zolkin

Create a beautiful website and Start Social Medias!

- Intuitive Design
- Built For Mobile
- 3 Posts Per Week
- Drive Web Traffic


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Sound engineer at work

Available for long-term and short-term events/ shows!

- Strong stage setup knowledge
- Thrives in high-stress environments
- Natural Leader


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Production Work


Image by Magnus Lunay

I am an experienced, versatile performer!

- Associates degree in vocal performance
- Strong guitar knowledge
- Played intimate bars as well as huge stages


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Caleb Diller Media Mission Statement:

Work Hard

Create Beautifully


If you would like to book a consultation to learn more about how Caleb Diller Media can help you, please reach out! Fill out the boxes to the right, and briefly explain some things that you may need assistance with.

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02 Gallery

Here are some photos and examples of my experience!

03 Experience

Apr 19' - Feb 21'

Digital Template Designer


Designed hundreds of templates to be used for digital framing. Provided support on many design and function aspects of their website.

Sep 18' - Dec 20'

Began School for Performance

The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts
Began a two-year program where I learned perfromance as well as the ins and outs of running stage equipment. 



Aug 20' - Sep 20'


Sun Theater

Could not sit still during the end of the pandemic! So I helped start a completely socialy distanced theater troupe. We were able to put on 4 shows and follow all C-OVID guidelines. 


May 19' - Dec 19'

Touring Performer/ Crew Member

United States, Sweden, Germany, Denmark
Was load crew and a performer for a traveling, event-style performance workshop. Stopped in +30 towns, and worked with thousands of kids.

May 21' - Oct 21'

Guitar Player

Young Americans Dinner Theaters

Was a guitar player and a featured instrumentalist for the Young American dinner theaters in Michigan and Arkansas.

Jan 22' - Apr 22'

Web Design and Marketing

Green Cross Partners

Did guerilla and digital marketing in addition to running social medias, and created a large amount of branding/digital content. 


May 22' - NOW

Started Freelancing

Caleb Diller Media

As someone with a passion for many different things, it is easy to get lost in the idea that I need to pick one path. I want to help people in all ways that I am capable!

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